Teach your children to Trade

Children have an interest in computers, laptops, and smart phones. They see Companies go public and watch as people in their 20s turn millionaires. With the interest they show in technology, why not teach them how markets work?

Online trading make be hard for many, but for children with sponges for brains, they can easily sap up information at a faster rate.

Here are some benefits of trading:

  • It improves spatial intelligence.
  • It teaches risk and money management.
  • You become your own boss, with your computers as your employees.
  • Trading is a 24/7 5 days a week business.
  • You choose your time zones and markets.
  • Children learn about the different things that drive markets, such as commodities, currencies, etc.
  • Trading from early is better than going to school to study economics.

There are a number of tools available to help setting up trading accounts and decide the level of risk you intend to take.


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